Blog Post C3: Whitepaper Critique: How data virtualization can increase IT value by Delphix

The white paper presents one case where a database move to Delphix showed significant improvement for the database team. The increased efficiency allowed for a faster project throughput in the project delivery and increased output to the Business.

The research for the paper is based on only one customer case IT landscape, which is not representative, however, the results are very promising for data management in an information system (IS). The Customer represented can be regarded as a business that uses IS as their key business operation, without any manufacturing or (large) logistic portion, hence the achievement of the software is very positive. As data organisation and quick delivery will be more and more important (Foldy, Grannis, Ross, & Smith, 2014), it can be argued that business with fewer data streams, if any, in there IS, will not be requiring any optimisations. A solution approach out of the company publishing the paper did not show.

As the white paper is rather brief, unlike FixStream Oracle Hybrid IT review (FixStream, 2018) with 16 pages, it only contained two pages and had no graphics.

As there was also no data comparison shared, it made id unclear how the increase in database copies and project delivery were archived, however, the achievements sound reasonable. But without further details to support them, this cannot be comprehended or reproduced appropriately.

The paper itself is structured well, also it does not contain graphics or tables, for example, how suitable the software is for each business/use case like the Dell Boomi Handbook (Dell, 2016) which is also just presenting one product.

One Part is very annoying to the author, that there is not any data virtualisation approach for any IS shown from Delphix, in general or the customer represented, albeit the title containing it.

In the Google Report “The future of intelligence-driven finance” (Google, 2018) there are several customer examples, showing the need to use multiple sources or examples to be trustworthy.


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