Blog Post C2 – Critique for “Making ERPs work: accountants and the introduction of ERP systems” by Mike Newman and Chris Westrup in an IS focused review

There are two main drivers why larger companies intend to establish Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): They see opportunities to consolidated their IT landscape by integrating various systems housing siloed information, eventually saving money, and, once an active ERP established, they can consolidate existing processes as well (Matthews, 2013), reducing efforts and […]

Blog Post 2 – IS in Astronomy

Astronomers have always been early tech adopters and as such, they have also used computerized data capturing, including image storage and processing as soon as available. This does involve all areas of information systems, starting from the data creation, across the data processing (for example, via scripts) and the termination/archiving […]

Blog Webinar Review 1 | Addressing the reproducibility crisis: Validating antibodies for life science research – An IS focused summary

As a webinar relating to natural science and information systems, I picked the Webinar from the ScieneMagazine (2018): , which is a video recording of the live event from 11th April 2018. The topic is interesting because data quality and integrity are highly important as organisations need to rely on it. […]